Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Our petition is still ALIVE...the US Army has evidence that prove innocence...PLEASE SHARE and SIGN

It took generations for DNA to be accepted as forensic evidence and its time for phylogenetics to be accepted as forensic evidence.

Join us and sign the petition -

DEMAND SEC ARMY Dr Mark T Esper make evidence available and the case be dismissed immediately

In 2009, I personally informed MAJ Matt Kemkes, my initial US ARMY Trial Defense attorney about the availability of phylogenetics and how the Infectious Disease clinic at both Walter Reed and Bethesda and across the entire Armed FOrces medical system, had previously been asked to use and conduct the phylogenetic analysis (routinely done for treatment and viral typing) but also used successfully in proving that a person living with HIV was NOT the source of another person's HIV infection.

At the time we presented CPT Jordan Stapley the information and contact with Dr Michael Metzger at Baylor university. 

We even have the emails from those conversations.

Dr Metzger informed CPT Stapley that the test would demonstrate that LTC Pinkela was NOT the source of Chris Hamilton's HIV infection.  CPT Stapley and Chris Hamilton denied access to Hamilton's blood sample.

Even at trial, Dr Sheila Peel from the US Army HIV Laboratory, confirmed under oath that both my initial blood sample and that of Chris Hamilton were both on file and forensically maintained!

Since then we have confirmed that the phylogenetic process was available both then and still available now.  The RNA extraction process has even been IMPROVED.

Dr Mark T. Esper, the new Army Secretary is a West Point graduate...a man who wore the uniform and served in the first Gulf War...he knows the UCMJ process is NOT perfect and in many professional opinions it is BROKEN when it comes to issues just like this.

We are DEMANDING the US Army Secretary to ORDER the US ARMY HIV Laboratory to conduct the phylogenetics and release the results to the US Army Judge Advocate General and to my attorney.

WE are demanding that the Army Secretary, upon confirmation of the results, direct an immediate review and dismissal of the case and charges against LTC Ken Pinkela with all retirement pay, benefits and damages available be given to LTC Pinkela immediately.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Rolling Stone - What's it Like to Be HIV+ in the Military

Words can't describe my gratitude for the honest investigative reporting and compassion Rolling Stone and Joseph Jaafari have given to both my family and to me.

Please take a moment and read the article - remember that not only was there no sex involved, but the only government witness had the courage to come forward and sign a Title X Sworn Statement recanting and condemning CPT Jordan Stapley for lying to him and coercing his testimony...

The Entire case against me is and was a fabrication and a lie!

Whats it Like to be HIV+ in the Military

"For Kenneth Pinkela, Otisville dates back four generations with his family. The old Railroad Hotel and Bar off Main Street – one of the town's three major roads – is the one his grandfather owned.
"Not a lot to look at, but it's where I was raised. It's home," says Pinkela, driving his Ford pickup through the winding streets.
For Pinkela, Otisville is bittersweet. At 50 years old, the former Army lieutenant colonel, who still holds the shape of a weightlifter, is stuck there. He was forced to move back into his parent's home three years ago after a military court martial had found him guilty of aggravated assault and battery back in 2012.
But Pinkela never bruised up anyone. Instead, he was tried and charged for exposing a younger lieutenant to HIV, though there was no proof of transmission. Pinkela has been HIV positive since 2007 when he was diagnosed right before deployment to Iraq during the surge.
President Jimmy Carter denounced Pinkela's trial, and advocates argue it was one of the last Don't Ask Don't Tell cases the military tried and won. (Pinkela is also openly gay.) He served eight months in prison, lost his home and was dishonorably discharged from the Army.
Otisville was the only place for Pinkela to retreat to – specifically, back to his mother's house.
Since being home, things have only gotten worse for Pinkela. His relationship with his mother is strained, he hasn't had sex for years and doesn't feel safe in public places."