Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All bar associations have a process to File a complaint about unethical attorney's

How to File a Complaint against a New York barred attorney

All bar associations have documented and approved ethical standards to which their members must maintain...both PRIOR to bar admission and during the time they practise under that association "certificate"

Keep in mind...

Documented cases of admitting to lying, stealing, Identity theft, false statements and false swearing while under federal oath, during a military Article 32 hearing, are grounds for ethical violations and disbarment.

I am very thankful to have the official audio recording of that Article 32 hearing.

You can't escape the truth...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Loss of my Home from your False Allegations and Lies - I just need to vent

Sadly, I'm no longer a homeowner...the home I put so much energy and love into is now gone...

On Friday, I lost my home as a direct result of the Lies and False Allegations made against me.

No more tears...I am taking this in stride and as a silver lining to this disgusting ordeal.

I have the most incredible family, friends and support group...people that truly know me, know the Truth and Love me...

You, my accuser, do not.

I have the Truth on my side...

You, my accuser, do not.

More and more of the Truth and Facts of the person you are keep coming out...some from unexpected places...some because of a guilty conscience and the desire to help right the wrong done against me...

"That" person, who has come forward, my family and I are grateful and we will forgive you if you tell the truth...your life has been wrongfully damaged as well and we have the power to take that back...

The energy and tide towards exposing my accuser for what he is has taken a wonderful turn recently, and has given us the momentum to show the lengths taken by the MDW SJA and Commander to prosecute an innocent man.

My supporters have taught me a valuable lesson - what a Sociopath, fears the most is the TRUTH, and trust me, the Truth is coming...and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

How did you think we would not find out about you going to a sex party the night before you testified and lied at the trial...using Crystal meth...not telling anyone at this party of your own HIV+ status...

Did you honestly think we would not find out?

Did you honestly think we would not find out about the person in Atlanta that you also accused of actually "infecting" you with HIV?

How many more people have you tried to "blame" for your actions?

How many more have you harmed and continue to harm, and for what? SO you don't have to tell your parents you are gay, a sex addict, a drug addict, a liar...Who Cares...own it...its who you are...Leave the rest of us alone...

I surely don't care what you do...but you chose to Lie and Hurt my family, and I will NEVER stop until that is Ends and the Truth comes out...

I am Innocent and the world is going to find out very soon!

You can't hide much longer...

The TRUTH is coming...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

To recant...What does that mean?

BOTTOMLINE: You can never feel bad about telling the TRUTH

re·cant  (r-knt)
v. re·cant·edre·cant·ingre·cants
To make a formal retraction or disavowal of (a statement or belief to which one has previously committed oneself).
To make a formal retraction or disavowal of a previously held statement or belief.

Why would a person recant their testimony?

  • Fabricated crimes. False convictions in sex abuse cases are usually due to fabricated crimes; all too often it stems from a person trying to protect themselves from "judgment" and deflecting responsibility for their own actions, or police/ prosecution convince an unwilling witness to say something that wasn't true. This is almost always coupled with a legal "threat" of subpoena to get the fabricated testimony. (See - Coercion )
  • Misconduct by authorities. For homicides, misconduct by authorities was the second-biggest cause of false convictions, just behind false eyewitness accounts.
Eyewitnesses are crucial to a trial, experts say, and their mistakes, whether intentional or not, can have a huge impact.
"The bulk of the evidence that is presented in trials is human testimony. Almost all of the time, energy, and effort is spent hearing people's statement in what occurred at a different place and a different time," Dan Simon, a professor of law and psychology at USC, said. "The bottom line is, people are often inaccurate."

Recanting testimony

Asked about 3 years ago - Dallas, TX
I testified at a trial and I wish to recant my statement, what do I need to do? I was coerced to testify and my testimony was false, I did not testify to a crime committed, I lied about an event that happened and about knowing the person on trial, basically I misidentified them. I just want to tell the truth.


  1. Cynthia Russell Henley

    Contributor Level 20


    Lawyers agree
    Answered You can contact the person or the family of the person against whom you testified if you know them. You can contact the lawyer of the person against whom you testified.  For the Defense - Law Office of Philip D. Cave

Rare but No Less Criminal - False Allegations


Rare as they may be, False Allegations are REAL and they are No Less Criminal.

As I continue to say, I have a ZERO tolerance for any proven assault, but it MUST be proven.

The lack of universally accepted investigation practises and the emotion that surrounds the act of a sexual assault DOES NOT make it any less or more criminal.

Assault is a crime.  Lying is a crime.  Period!

Our justice system is based on thorough, fair investigations of BOTH the accused and the accuser.

Innocent until "proven" beyond a Reasonable Doubt...

WE can not allow emotions or politics to change the process, in the slightest, in favor of one side or the other.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sociopath Traits...

Sociopath Traits

I want to share this link to help others identify the traits of a sociopath.

If like me, and so many people, its hard to believe and even accept that a person could be so evil and yes EVIL.

After my run in with a forensically diagnosed life and world were turned upside down...

How could someone blatantly lie and convince others?

How could someone create such a fantasy to deflect and blame someone else for their own actions?

Trust me...they (he) are (is) real...

I'm not going to live life paranoid that everyone I meet is a sociopath, but I am damn sure better armed knowing the signs of one...

One thing these people fear the MOST is the TRUTH...They fear people finding out what they have done.

The TRUTH is coming...and there is nothing you can do to stop it!

I forgive the others who fell for your lie, but I will not and I dont have to forgive you...

I will just simply move on and be successful and happy...thats how I will win.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DOD IG Report on failures in sex assault investigations

Yesterday the Department of Defense Inspector General released a report title - Evaluation of the Military Criminal Investigative Organizations’ Adult Sexual Assault Investigation Policies (you can find it here -

I wanted to share this with you due to the fact that HIV is charged as an Assault charge, usually Aggravated Assault and/or Wrongful Sexual Contact...

Even though Congress has never included specific HIV criminal language in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the services continue to charge and usually convict service members based on their HIV status.

"Military investigators responding to reports of sexual assaults do not always follow the widely accepted standards set by civilian police agencies, according to a new Pentagon Inspector General’s report.

The final draft concluded that the military investigators adhere to most of the standards outlined by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. But the IG cited several exceptions, which included:

■ The Army’s CID and the Navy’s NCIS should consider changing their policies to encourage sexual assault investigators to proceed with a thorough investigation regardless of whether they obtain laboratory findings."

I am hopeful that with the language in sec 572 of NDAA 2014, and both HR 1843 and S 1790, the Department of Defense will begin to see the errors and wrongful prosecutions that continue to take place in our Nations armed forces.

I am specifically asking the Secretary Hagel, Secretary McHugh, Attorney General Holder, DOD General Counsel Stephen Preston, the Army General Counsel Brad Carson, the Judge Advocate General of the Army LTG Darpino, Senator Schumer, Senator Gillbrand, Senator McCaskill, Rep Sean Maloney, and Rep Barbara Lee to demonstrate Leadership in the light of this report and ensure that our men and women serving the Nation are always afforded the highest level of respect and ensure our rights to fair impartial thorough investigations are always guaranteed.

The Attorney General should conduct an independent investigation of a cross section of UCMJ cases ensure basics rights have been afforded and when they have not recommend to the President as Commander in Chief to Article 73 retrial or immediate dismissal of those cases deemed appropriate.

We should NEVER have to worry that a thorough impartial investigation will take place, but just as my case, in which there was no investigation conducted, there is a systemic problem with the entire process of how allegations are investigated at all...

We cannot leave it up to the military appellate court system...This has to be corrected at the lowest level.

On a special note related to HIV Criminalization specifically, I believe we have solid evidence in this report to help frame the HIV Criminalization discussion at the state level, since the DOD IG embraces the civilian standards outlined by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee is right on point with the legislative language..requiring "evidence based and medically accurate.." facts 

We need to educate legislators, prosecutors and police officials on what that means.

It's sad to think that, in 2014, we have to fight to have thorough and impartial investigations conducted by any police authority.