Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The Army appellate panel has the opportunity to READ the Record of Trial and FIX this injustice.

I am making an OPEN OFFER to the US ARMY to conduct the phylogenetic testing of my initial blood sample and your (CH) blood sample that is on file with the US ARMY HIV RESEARCH LAB in Maryland to PROVE that I am NOT the source of your HIV.

The US ARMY has a ethical and professional obligation to ensure that a crime actually occurred and this test was and is available to PROVE my INNOCENCE.

There is NO REASON on earth for you NOT to honor this request.

If you truly care about "Good Order and Conduct" then you will do this...Only with Truth and Honesty about what a few individuals did and failed to do, will we as an Army grow and better ourselves.

I beseech the Army Criminal Court of Appeals panel to have the professional courage to LOOK at the FACTS and acknowledge that there are NO FACTS/NO EVIDENCE to find me guilty of touching or exposing CH to HIV.

1LTCH, you admitted to lying, stealing passwords, hacking into email and a website ALL under Federal Oath at the Article 32 hearing.  This is a FACT and I have the official audio recording of that testimony.

As many of you know, Elliot Scott Henney, has come forward publicly to recant his testimony.  He describes being threatened by the Army prosecutor, being lied to about the facts of the case and about me, and being misled in his testimony.
Scott if you read this...I forgive you.
I am sickened by what you told my mom in an email you sent her...
What CPT S and the SJA at the Military District of Washington SJA and Command did to you is beyond reprehensible.
There was NO investigation into the allegations CH made against me.
They "used" Scott Henney as a false witness to bolster what was an unfounded case.

COL Hargis, the trial judge, if you did not hear the testimony of Scott Henney, you would have found me innocent.

Its never too late for the TRUTH...I beg you Sir...PLEASE REVIEW your findings...

If CH is reading this...as a new New York State barred attorney, you have an obligation to submit to this exam.
If you have nothing to HIDE then you will do this...

If you do not then I will do everything legally in my power to FORCE this test and will NEVER STOP until my NAME is cleared.

You ADMITTED to lying, stealing, identity theft ALL under oath, and the NEW YORK BAR will be provided a copy of this unethical conduct which is on the record from the UCMJ Article 32 hearing.

Just like the last text message you sent to me in your attempt to BLACKMAIL me, and my attorney's and I still have the actual text message, YOU CAN END THIS NOW...
CLEAR my NAME and go on with your life

I don't know if you are capable morally/ethically but I have to hold on to HOPE there is something in you that feels regret to what you did to me and to my family.

Military Justice Revisited...Bob Leahy continues to update

Military Justice Revisited...

Bob Leahy continues to shed light and update on my case.

My family and I are so very grateful for his professional approach and style.

There is nothing to hide on my part...I have been receiving some serious hate mail from people that know my accuser and in a way it means the truth is finally coming out!


Humbled beyond words by Kevin...Please take time to read this amazing BLOG post


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Military Justice?? by Bob Leahy

Military Justice???

This is how a professional editor/writer tells a story...
Bob Leahy contacted me to cover my story...
He asked if he could have "anything" to read before we spoke.
I asked him how big his "Inbox" was because I wanted to share everything with him...
He was a little surprised but said that would be great...so I sent him all of the court documents, clemency packet, briefs and evidence facts denied by the military judge COL Michael Hargis...

It took him 3 days, but Bob got back to me and was overwhelmed...no investigation, critical evidence denied, no evidence or facts of any possible way to "expose" a person to HIV, physical witnesses in the home called liars and a prosecution witness wanting to recant his testimony because military lawyers lied and misled him in his testimony...

As any good reporter he needed to verify the "story" well he got that and more...

As you will see in his interview/article Bob was able to see by reading the FACTS and through speaking to me that my case is utterly tragic.

I am so thankful for my new friend to the north, Bob Leahy for his professionalism and compassion to take time to READ the record and see for himself that my case represents everything thats wrong and broken with the US Military "legal" system and the ever present fear, bigotry, discrimination that surrounds people living with HIV.

Thank you Bob

Army Veteran Aaron Laxton shares Courage and Life

Living with HIV

So very proud of Aaron Laxton for his courage and desire to Help others LIVE and SUCCEED via his journey

Friday, March 20, 2015

Lets Be Very Clear...

I DELETE ALL LIES and NEGATIVE comments to my story

I guess the pressure to get the truth out has now gained some attention from people or that one person...that a person claiming to be a part of the courtroom post to the story...

If your name is NOT a part the record of Trial as a witness and you were NOT in the courtroom, then you will be BLOCKED.

But let me restate the FACTS from the Record of Trial...

FACT - 1LTCH admitted to lying, stealing passwords, "hacking identity theft under federal oath at the Article 32 hearing and we have the audio tapes of the entire proceeding.

FACT - US Army CID NEVER conducted an investigation.  Not of my home, even though 1LTCH had made outrageous allegations and false descriptions of my home, nor of 1LTCH and his sex life or drug use.

FACT - 1LTCH admitted to knowing my HIV status, from Adam P months before ever meeting me one of only two times in my life.

FACT - my family was in my home and testified as physical witnesses in detail that neither I nor were any of us ever alone with 1LTCH.

FACT - I volunteered to take a polygraph and was denied

FACT - I volunteered for phylogenetic testing to PROVE that my HIV was NOT the same or similar, or the source of HIV in 1LTCH.  1LTCH and the Army denied the test.

FACT - Elliott Scott Henney, the prosecution primary witness against me has gone public posting comments and sending direct message to me, that he was lied to by the US Army prosecution, they threatened him to testify and that he wants to recant his testimony to in his words..."do everything possible to overturn this bullshit trial"

FACT - I did NOT touch 1LTCH.

FACT - I did not "expose" 1LTCH to HIV.

FACT - the TRUTH will come out and I will NEVER STOP until does.